Water Fitness 

Spring and Summer Registration begins Wednesday February 5th.  Click here to view and/or register.


Ai Chi is a program designed to increase range of motion, mobility, and balance, as well as to reduce stress. It includes fluid movements paired with breathing techniques to lengthen, strengthen and relax the body. 


This water exercise program helps to reduce arthritis pain and stiffness while keeping joints flexible and muscles strong. The water provides gentle resistance to build muscle strength and supports joints to encourage free movement.


High intensity training to target every part of your body.  Be prepared to sweat, even in the pool.  We are looking for a few good men and women! This workout is for intermediate to advanced participants. Flotation Belts are required.   


This class will strengthen your cardiovascular system, all your muscle groups and increase your flexibility. It is a blast! Equipment may be used to add variety to this energized workout! Emphasis will be on using proper body alignment and techniques.


If you want a workout that incorporates strength and cardio training, head to the dive well for interval training. Interval training uses both aerobic and anaerobic energy by alternating short bursts of intense activity with an active recovery period of a less-intense activity. Jump in for a fun and invigorating workout.


The strength of Pilates, the balance of Yoga and the energy revitalization of Ai Chi. Regular practice leads to improved core strength, range of motion, alignment, and balance. It enhances your breathing and personal calm. The class is made up of full range of movements using techniques from Ai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.


Get ready to 'shake your booty' to the beat of disco and rock 'n roll music. An overall body workout is the goal of this choreographed shallow water workout. For individuals who love the water, love music and having' fun.

Shallow water workout
This is a high energy class which incorporates exercises and equipment to strengthen, tone and stretch the body in a low-impact environment, while improving cardiovascular fitness. No swimming skills are necessary.