Group Exercise Instructors

  1. Diane Brady-Doyle

    Diane Brady-Doyle

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Diane has been in the fitness field for more than 25 years and has continued to expand her specialties as the industry changes. She is certified to teach Step, Cycle, Muscle Conditioning, Stretch, Pilates and most recently Barre, Diane is invested in keeping current.  In Diane's classes, her goal, no matter the format, is to communicate clearly with the participants to meet their needs. Diane's classes provide varied levels of challenge but are always filled with lots of fun!

  1. Mary Butts

    Mary Butts

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Mary has been a group fitness instructor and registered nurse for over 25 years and has been teaching indoor cycling for more than 15 years.  Mary's classes are fun and challenging. Join her for Total Conditioning classes and you will get a fun full-body workout. Mary's Cycle classes will lead you to the beat of the music, up steep hills, through long flats, and powerful sprints.  

  1. Teresa Datar

    Teresa Datar

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Teresa is passionate about all kinds of movement.  She danced for more than 25 years and has been leading group exercise classes on both land and water for the past 11 years. Her classes are safe, effective, and fun.  Nothing makes her happier than to hear how class participants move and feel better after attending her classes. Teresa stays current in the exercise field by reading professional publications and attending fitness and wellness conferences. Teresa's certifications include:  AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional, AEA Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program Leader, AEA Arthritis Foundation (Land) Exercise Program Leader and Arthritis Foundation Land Fitness.

  1. Laurel DeWolf-Grise

    Laurel DeWolf-Grise

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Laurel has had a life-long interest in fitness and exercise. After a brief career in book publishing, she switched gears and began a career in a field she truly loves. Laurel is a certified Personal Trainer, Health and Wellness Coach, and Group Fitness Instructor through the American Council on Exercise. She is certified to teach yoga through YogaFit, Cycle through Mad Dogg Spinning, and Body Pump and Body Flow through Les Mills.

  1. Lisa Gainsboro

    Lisa Gainsboro

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Lisa is a Massachusetts native who has been practicing yoga for many years.  When she began, she was immediately drawn to the practice and learned after time, that while focusing on moving meditation, strength-building, and stretching, there is the added benefit of quieting the mind, which translated into her daily life off the mat. Lisa became a certified yoga instructor at Barre and Soul in Harvard Square and is full of gratitude that she is able to share her love of yoga and its mind/body/spiritual benefits with others.  

  1. Peter Kelly

    Peter Kelly

    Group Fitness Instructor

  1. Cathy Mandriolli

    Cathy Mandrioli

    Group Fitness Instructor

    After practicing yoga for more than 10 years, in 2006 Cathy took her practice to a deeper level when she faced a major health challenge. She found the energy of group practice invigorating and inspiring. Students of all abilities enjoy her teaching style, because she is committed to helping others strengthen their bodies and minds while remaining injury-free.

     Cathy completed her first 200-hour teacher training at The Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, and her second in David Magones' Prana Vayu, a vinyasa practice that guides the body into a deeper state via sequencing and meditation.

  1. Cara Morgan

    Cara Morgan

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Along with physical and mental health wellness as my work and passion, I sling lattes at Starbucks and own a Construction Business that specializes in Restoration, Renovation, and Repair of single family homes.  I have been married for forever and have two fantastic very active boys. I love my job and am very thankful to have been working at the Concord Recreation department since 1997!

    Teaching Group Fitness since 1985
    Personal Training since 1992
    Certified in Group Fitness since 1992, AFAA
    Certified in MADD DOG Spinning Fitness since 1997
    Certified in Personal Training 2008, AFAA
    Extensive BARRE training 2008
    Certified in BodyPump 1997
    Outdoor Wilderness Leader Certificate, GCC Class of 1992
    Wilderness EMT 1992- 2000
    LICSW, UCONN Class of 1995

  1. Cheryl Owen

    Cheryl Owen

    Group Fitness Instructor

    I currently teach Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer, and my certifications are from The Physical Mind Institute in New York. My approach to teaching is to connect with, challenge, and motivate people to achieve their fitness goals through a mind and body awareness. It gives me the greatest pleasure to see people change their bodies by improving their core strength, flexibility and posture over time. I am passionate about what Pilates can offer to populations of all ages, whether it is in a group fitness mat class, or in small group and/or private training on an apparatus like the Pilates Reformer.

    Inspiring people to improve themselves has brought me the greatest satisfaction, and I encourage my students to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have been recently focusing a lot on extension work, which I feel is very important especially in these current days of technology. I just love it when members share their progress with me. As one of my students recently reported: "I feel longer and leaner and stretched out, and I'm also a bit taller. My doctor just told me I grew an inch!"

  1. Taichun Pan

    Tai-Chun Pan

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Tai-Chun began his training of Tai Chi at an early age and has been teaching Tai Chi in Boston area for more than 40 years. Tai Chi is an ancient internal martial arts form, consisting of a sequence of balanced, relaxed postures, connected by slow graceful movement, emphasizing body/mind coordination and relaxed breathing. Tai-Chun has been featured in the WHDH TV-Channel 7, Asian Boston magazine, Boston Globe, and other media outlets. In addition, many of his students are teaching at different places around Boston area.

  1. Carolyn Schweitzer

    Carolyn Schweitzer

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Over the past 13 years, Carolyn has moved seven times with her family spending time on the west coast, east coast, and Europe. The one consistent thread throughout all of her travels and experiences has been her passion for exercise. Now that she is settled in Concord, she is ready to get back to what she loves - - teaching group fitness classes. Carolyn loves Ballet Barre, music, and dancing. Her classes are all about having fun, enjoying great music, and supporting others to reach their personal fitness goals.  

  1. Lori Seymour

    Lori Seymour

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Lori's goal has always been to help her clients achieve their goals through effective, fun workouts while also being able to answer any general questions they may have about their overall wellness and fitness. Lori has been working in the fitness industry for the last 8 years. She has helped numerous clients change their bodies and their lives in a positive way by teaching them about the importance of exercise and a healthy diet. Lori is working on an Exercise Science Degree and on a comprehensive Pilates certification. She likes to stay current on the new exercise trends and attends workshops often. Lori enjoys sharing what she has learned and continues to learn about the benefits of exercise with others. Being a trainer and group fitness instructor has been a very rewarding career! Lori is an AFFA Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, SCW Pilates, TRX and Rip Trainer, as well as Madd Dog Spinning certified.

  1. Shelby Smyth

    Shelby Smyth

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Shelby is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, holds a B.S. in Exercise Science from Castleton University and a Masters in Exercise and Sports Science from Merrimack College. She began her career as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor in corporate and commercial fitness and at her family owned yoga studio. After a career shift into digital advertising, Shelby found that regular exercise and daily movement were essential in maintaining her health, happiness and wellbeing. Since her agency days, she now combines her passions for working in corporate fitness and inspiring individuals to exercise daily and add movement into their lives to stay healthy, feel strong and stress free. Shelby specializes in strength and conditioning through functional movement, mobility, and corrective exercise.


  1. Stacey Tully

    Stacey Tully

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Stacey Tully is happy to join our team as a fitness instructor, bringing a wealth of experience, energy and positive enthusiasm to each and every class she teaches.  She is a hard working professional, with a strong concentration in healthy aging and an advocate of health and fitness for everyone.  A graduate of Boston College, she is married to her college sweetheart Shawn, and proud parents of Jenny 28 and Joey 26, and their new springer spaniel dog, Cami.  She loves to paddleboard on the ocean, hike, ski, walk, and  is an active volunteer in her community.

    CertificationsACE Group Ex. ,ASFA Personal Trainer ,ASFA Group Ex., Kettlebell, Dance IT Out , DRUMS Alive, CPR PRO, ASHI, First Aid. CPO Certification, OSHA Water Safety Certified, Aqua Body Strong, Health Care Interactive – Dementia Basics and Related Behavior Certified
    Licensed; Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, Zumba Aqua, 


  1. Rose Lee

    Rose Lee

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Rose is a certified yoga teacher and lifelong practitioner and thoroughly enjoys sharing the yoga journey with others.  She received her 200 hour teacher training certificate with Daniel Orlansky in 2015 in the method of Yoga of Energy Flow.  In addition, she’s studied and attended workshops with many others over the years including Yoga as Therapy with Doug Keller, Yoga of Awakening with Sean Corn, and Yoga for Peace with Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee.  But possibly the most influential are the wonderful teachers at On The Mat in Concord where she has practiced for many years. Additionally, Rose is certified in Integrated Energy Therapy, Guided Imagery and Meditation and Transpersonal nurse coaching.  She is a family nurse practitioner and has worked for many years at Emerson Hospital.  When not working she can be found in the garden, in the kitchen and outside.