Financial Assistance

The Town of Concord, MA is committed to making its Recreation Department programs, activities, and special events available to as many citizens as possible. This financial assistance program has been established to meet the needs of individuals and families judged to have limited financial resources. To assure that all residents and public school students are able to access our programs, we are proud to provide financial assistance to those that qualify. Concord Recreation follows the national poverty guidelines when determining awards.

  • Concord Residents and/or students at Concord Public Schools and Concord-Carlisle High Schools can apply for assistance.
  • Financial assistance is determined without regard to race, sex, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, marital status or sexual preference of the applicant or participant and based on the current federal poverty guidelines.
  • Priority for assistance is given to those applicants looking to attend our day-care model programs (full day summer camps, BeforeSchool, Afterschool) and other programs that would interfere with a parent/guardian’s employment or education schedule.

Application Deadlines

  • To be considered for financial assistance, applications are due with all supporting documents at least 15 business days before the start of the program.
  • For summer camp programs, applications are due at least 10 business days before the start of the program.

Application Instructions

  • The completed application and the following required documents are due by the above stated dates:  
    • Concord Recreation Financial Assistance Form
    • Proof of Residency/Public School Enrollment (Concord Residents and Public School Students)
    • Most recent year tax return for all individuals earning wages in the household
    • Proof of any income not listed on tax return (including awards and forms as noted in income chart on page 2.)
    • Any other documentation/circumstances you feel is important to consider
Applications and all required paperwork should be delivered or emailed to:
Recreation Programs: Ryan Kane ( &  Susan Ellerkamp ( )
    Beede Swim and Fitness Center Membership or Programs: Andy Dutton (

    Concord Recreation reserves the right to exercise managerial discretion regarding financial assistance, and to limit the amount of funding allocated to any given household or individual within one tax year.