Adult Swim

Concord Recreation offers a variety of swim lessons for adults.  
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Prerequisite:  Must be able to swim 400 yards without stopping in under 11 minutes. Must be able to swim 2 lengths each of backstroke and breaststroke. Willingness to learn butterfly and flip turns.  
Jump on In! Whether you are a serious swimmer looking for a coached workout or training for a triathlon, we have the workout program for you.  We have various classes available based on your schedule (registration required and admits to the chosen masters day/times, only). For ages:18+ 

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Adult Swim Lessons

Swimming is an important life skill. It is a low-impact exercise to help keep you fit and healthy. It is also FUN! Don’t let the fear of water keep you from enjoying swimming. Now is the perfect time of year to “jump in the water.” 

Beginner Swim Lessons 
 Are you afraid of water? Does putting your face in the water make you feel uncomfortable? Do you struggle to breathe while swimming? The Beginner Swimmers class is for you. In this class you will learn the basic swimming skills to keep you safe in the water.
 The Beginner Swimmer skills:

  1. Exhaling air while face is in the water 
  2. Floating unassisted on front and back 
  3. The basics of Front crawl 
  4. The basics of Back crawl
  5. Elementary Backstroke
  6. Treading water

Intermediate Swim Lessons
 Do you want to improve your swim strokes? Are you able to swim 25 yards of Front and Back crawl but need to improve your endurance? The Intermediate Swim class is for you.  In this class you will review the skills from the Beginner Swim class and work on stroke mechanics for all four competitive strokes.
 The Intermediate Swim skills:

  1. Rotary breathing for Front crawl
  2. Swim drills for all four competitive strokes
  3. Side Stroke
  4. Turns (flip turns, open turns)