Youth Swim Lessons


Ages 6-36 months
Designed to help children become comfortable in the aquatic environment. Parents will be introduced to basic skills such as entering/exiting pool safely, kicking and blowing bubbles. Skills will be taught to the parent who will work with the child at their own pace. Toys and songs will be incorporated into the learning process. Adult must participate in the water with child.  


Ages 3-5 years old
Participants work towards basic skills including body positions, blowing bubbles, submerging, floating, kicking and arm action and jumping all done with support.   


Ages 3-5 years old
Must have successfully passed Preschool 1.  Child must be able to perform 5 rhythmic bobs and comfortable with submerging.  Continues to reinforce basic skills but with little or no assistance. Emphasis is placed on floating, arm and leg action and an introduction to rhythmic breathing.


Ages 3-5 years old
Must have successfully completed Preschool I and II.  Must be able to swim one length of therapy pool unassisted. Class will work on the skills necessary to enter into the ARC Level classes.  Skills include independent floating and front and back crawl strokes.  

LEVEL 1 & 2

Grade K+
This level explores swimming on the front and back, floating and kicking skills, all with assistance. Goal is to perform skills unsupported. 


Grade K+
Completion Level 2 skills.   Should be able to perform float unsupported on back and front with face submerged then recover to a standing position.  Must be able to front crawl unsupported for 5 yards.


Grade K+
Completion Level 3 skills.  Should be able to perform jumping into deep water, treading water, swim front crawl 25 yards with rotary breathing, and swim elementary backstroke for 15 yards.  Introduces butterfly, breaststroke, sidestroke, underwater swimming, diving from the side and open turns.

LEVEL 5 & 6

Grade K+
Completion Level 4 skills.  Should be able to perform a feet-first entry into deep water, swim front crawl for 25 yards, and swim elementary backstroke for 25 yards. Students must be able to swim breaststroke for 15 yards, tread water for 2 minutes and swim back crawl for 15 yards. This level refines all strokes and maintains a front and elementary backstroke for 50 yards. Flip turns are introduced.


Grade K+
Private lessons are 1 instructor per 1 participant and are perfect for helping stay focused, conquering tough skills, and getting over fears. Or try a Buddy Lesson (2 participants of similar skill levels with 1 instructor) for the cost of an additional private lesson. To register for a buddy lesson, one participant must be enrolled and then contact the Front Desk at to add the "buddy" to the class.